5 Salesforce integration tools to increase your business efficiency and revenue

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Salesforce is a name that comes up the most when talking about Customer Relationship Management tools. It is cloud-based and considered to be one of the best resources out there for improving customer experience.

For salesforce services to be operating with efficiency for your company, they must be run among other tools for maximum benefit.

And hence Salesforce consulting services are necessary to be provided by a certified salesforce consulting company.

Here are five salesforce integration tools for business productivity and your go-to salesforce solution-



RapidOnline is a data integration tool, to organize and helps you find the data you need, eliminating duplicacy. It improves data efficiency by polishing your data and it is incredibly easy as it requires no programming hence technical knowledge needed is minimal. With better access to the data make better choices for your business resulting in improvement of sales and even supply chain.



Salesforce solutions help manage contracts that are smaller but in the case of large-sized and complex contracts which require a big workforce it is best suited to use an integration tool for the management of these kinds of contracts. It smoothens the workflow and helps in the expansion of your business. It starts operating with contract request, to its implementation, and then its storage, and this tool has been trusted by companies involved in manufacturing, healthcare, etc.



Automated templates for follow-ups and sales pitches are provided by this integration tool for boosting your sales through time-saving and effectiveness. It also ensures that the accuracy of content to the targeted audience is done. It also helps in tracking who read your email, and its reporting help in increasing the chances of predictability for your business and you can rely on it for the accuracy of data.



Salesforce already provides the feature of chatting with customers for inquiries, complaints, or grievances. However, it is difficult to determine whether the conversation was successful and was the executive or chatting agent able to solve the customer’s issues and provide them satisfaction. It is one of the most important tools that you can use for your business as we all know that getting feedback on your product or service helps in resolving the issues that the customers of your business might be facing commonly and improving their overall experience.



Mailchimp provides a platform for the user to send the required email marketing pitch to the right channel and through these preplanned marketing strategies it helps in boosting sales and hence increase the revenue of the business. E-mail marketing is considered to be an effective way of getting leads on a real-time basis and in most cases, the leads end up being the closed deals i.e. the leads are converted into customers. You can easily create campaigns and coordinate with the sales team efficiently.

In conclusion,  it must be clear from the above suggestions of some tools that a business cannot operate without the guidance, help, and proper integration of some tools that only result in boosting business productivity, efficient coordination, and accountability. The more tools you have for each task that you perform for a deal to be implemented, the better. It is also advised to have a salesforce consultancy expert advisor to help you determine which of the tools will be a fit for your business after studying your business data, knowing about the teams that work together and then you make a decision.


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