Salesforce Data Migration

The process of Data migration, as suggested by name, is to transfer or migrate the data from one system or platform to another, for a numerous reasons, whether it be the requirement of the business or something else. Hence it requires a team of experts who give their 100% focus to the whole process.

Steps To Secure Data Migration

1 .Data Analysis

Our experts start by a thorough analysis of the data of a business or company, including communicating with the designated personnel so as to get the idea of the volume of the data.

2. Data Selection

Data selection is to select the data which is important to the company or will remain important in the future along with discarding unnecessary and obsolete data.

3. Data Mapping

Data Mapping is tracing the root of the data. If upon tracing, origin of a particular data is not found then that data is deleted or removed. It also involves deduplication of two similar types of data stored in the same system.

4. Data Migration

The main part of the procedure- actual Data Migration is performed in this step. The method of the said data migration is carefully determined with the help of the information about the data collected in the previous steps.

5. Data Governance

Once the data migration is completed, our role does not end here. We perform data governance which includes secure database management in order to ensure the data remains secured throughout the lifecycle of the business and not just during the procedure.

How Can You Benefit from it?

  • Relieve yourself from the hassle of searching important information from a pile of unnecessary data.

  • Save the time of your sales and service reps in unnecessary data management so that they can focus on their goals and improve their productivity.

  • Define a system for data management and segregate data based on its type.

  • Ensure data integrity i.e. maintain the accuracy of data through verification.

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