At Legendary Solutions, we understand that it can be difficult for small business owners to enhance their org with quality automations due the high cost of Salesforce consulting services and licensing fees. That's why we not only offer multiple payment structures such as managed services retainer, discounted custom development of features with a maintenance or service agreement, even creating our own apps for the App Exchange that are designed and priced to help both small and large companies increase productivity by reducing repetitive manual tasks to maximize your ROI!

If you need a custom app or the prices of available apps is beyond your budget, contact Salesforce consulting company to hear more about our Small Business “pay as you grow” model!


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Jpetto is a 100% Native-to-Salesforce Project Management app to help your team stay organized and on schedule! With our Salesforce professional services, allow your customers access to hours reports and dashboards in real-time, automate invoice generation, and collaborate at the record level with Chatter or our custom Slack Integration. Log hours and track team productivity with our native timesheet system OR take advantage of our Clockify Integration for a more powerful data collection and productivity tracking tool!

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HVS - Enhanced Opportunity Cadences

High-Velocity Sales is a powerful Enterprise-Level tool for keeping teams organized and structured. In one of the recent updates, they included the ability to link cadences to Opportunities... but with some severe limitations. Out-of-the-box, HVS only supports having one opportunity in a cadence per contact at any given time. With EOC and our Salesforce expert Consultants, you can relate multiple opportunities in cadences to a single contact! In addition, we have included a workaround for a feature-breaking bug within HVS itself that, as of this writing, causes the opportunity to be dropped from a cadence if you use the 'branching' feature in cadence steps and branch to a new cadence.

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Enhanced Flex Queue

Apex Batch jobs are very useful until you have too many running at once, too frequently, on large data sets, or any combination of the above. By default, the Apex Flex Queue in Salesforce professional services only allows a maximum of 100 jobs to be enqueued at any given time. Any overflow is essentially 'skipped' until its next scheduled run. With our Enhanced Fex Queue, those limits are handled with a prioritized queue that lets you decide which jobs should execute first (by class name), and any overflow from the Standard Flex Queue is enqueued in the enhanced queue until space is available. Once a spot opens, the next prioritized job will be added to the queue and executed in sequence.

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