Our Mission


Here at Legendary Solutions, our daily Mission is to deliver quality, scalable Salesforce solutions to companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries that are both affordable and meaningful.

We understand that as a small business owner you may not have the time or the finances available to build automation’s or purchase apps that would free up your schedule and allow you to focus on growth instead of maintenance. For that reason, we provide multiple options for Salesforce professional services with discount rates including preset monthly retainer agreements, small business & non-profit rates, graduating rate scale that grows with you (instead of siphoning off your margins during startup when you need it the most), and much more!

At a time where the future of the economy is uncertain, and equality & diversity topics are at the forefront of driving progress forward across nations, we believe the best path forward for everyone is to empower individuals, without discrimination, to become entrepreneurs, business owners, or even freelancers, as well as providing Salesforce services to large enterprise companies that support our vision of a diverse and gender-neutral portfolio. We believe that happiness and equality is a basic human, and animal, right that everyone deserves to experience in their daily lives without judgment.

Together we can move mountains, alone we falter.

Chad Hammond
Founder / CEO

Sales Cloud

Our Process


The most important part in the success of a project is the discovery of the right method of processing through the task and this can be done through proper research through choosing the right Salesforce consulting company, business analysis, and machine learning known as Einstein discovery embedded in Salesforce for data analysis.


Designing of the project, meaning ascertaining the feasibility and viability of the project and the most important aspect, desirability i.e. who the user is and who he cares about. Our designers always look through a business’s needs and wants so that they can deliver exactly what is asked for.


Get your Salesforce app developed exactly as you want with full functionality and user-friendly UI design. The development process has our most emphasis in the whole process so that we can deliver high-quality apps in the prescribed time-limit. It involves managing the data transfer and adding the tools as seeming relevant to the needs of the business.


Transferring the metadata from one Salesforce organization to another without any mishandling is a task that requires 100%focus in Salesforce professional services as it is necessary that the data doesn’t get lost in the transfer into the web world. It is the final process before a Salesforce project goes live.


Once the Salesforce project is live, our work does not stop here. We provide Salesforce consulting services for after go-live support which includes maintenance, resolution of issues 24×7 and ensuring that the project runs smoothly without any halt. It includes making sure that the custom integration, implementation and deployment does not go in vain.


We provide managed service i.e. our Salesforce experts Consultants provide support to the Salesforce project throughout so that it does not face any issues. It involves providing regular updates and modifications as per the changing operational situations of the platform from time-to-time.

Every day we see ourselves and our team members wasting productive hours. It doesn't have to be that way!

We all do it, often without even realizing it. When stuck doing the same mundane tasks day in and day out we tend to accept them as ‘part of the job’ and mindlessly click through the same multi-step processes or copy/paste data from A to B and don’t even give it a second thought. Imagine the possibilities if you could take 30, 40, or even 50% of those tasks and fully or even partially automate the process. Sales reps could make more calls, management could conduct more training or focus on BD, the world is yours! Stop wasting hours on excise tasks that could be spent nurturing leads or building client relationships. Ask us how we can enhance your productivity by letting Salesforce do some of that heavy lifting!

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