Through the series of processes for consultation, customization, integration, automation, etc., we introduce the Salesforce platform to your business for enhanced customer interaction and business expansion through higher returns.

Stages Of Our Salesforce Implementation Services

1. Consultant

Salesforce Consultation helps us determine the roadmap for the implementation of Salesforce into your business and then we recommend the tools that would go best with it according to the needs of your business.

2. Customization/Configuration

We tailor the tools and apps even from scratch to meet the needs of your business operations. And if you choose a configuration for a limited budget and time, we carefully choose and modify the pre-existing tools to meet your business needs.

3. Integration

We integrate your Salesforce Cloud into third-party platforms so that you can provide a seamless user experience across all systems through a well-defined process to conserve and maintain all the business’s data.

4. Data Migration

We transfer or migrate the data from one system or platform to another and define a system for data management and segregate data based on its type.

5. Training and Development

To ensure the successful implementation of Salesforce with a business, all departments are oriented and trained so that all the teams work efficiently with the knowledge of the platform.

6. Support

Salesforce Implementation is a continuous process. It involves system evolution, the introduction of new tools, issue fixing, and modifying business operations to meet the needs of the changing environment.

Benefits Of Salesforce Implementation By Legendary Solution

  • Data Management

    We make sure the data is not scattered on different platforms, and integrate it into one single database so that your service agents can get whatever they need in one place hence they do not waste their productive hours looking for information.

  • Analysis and insights

    Real-time analysis and insights provide you the benefit of tracking the interactions and hence evaluating marketing strategies and updating them accordingly.

  • Increase productivity through automation

    Automation relieves the sales team from repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on the actual goals and reach their sales targets.

  • Envolve your business through integration

    Provide a modernizing polish to your business by integrating all of your business platforms into a single CRM for interacting with the customers.

  • Higher ROI

    Customization provides an improved experience to both the business and the clients, hence increased customer loyalty, higher productivity, and as a result, greater ROI.

Let us wield our expertise to drive your build-out